Gathering in joyful praise that glorifies God and engages the heart, mind, and emotions of people.  Intimate and personal worship through daily devotion.


Building healthy relationships to enable a person to feel loved and cared for in such a way that they feel accepted, valued and have a sense of belonging. 


Delegating responsibility to motivated, talented individuals and groups in each area of our ministry.  Helping each person identify their unique abilities so that they know how to serve the Lord most effectively.

Connecting people to one another, developing leaders who lead believers to discover how to love God and to love and serve others compassionately and creatively.



Valuing diversity in everyday life and in the Church.  We will not be divided by differing cultures, ethnicity, politics or personal preferences.  We unite together around God's glory.


Praying is the bedrock in our life and ministry.  By praying as an individual or as a group we praise God, seek his direction and request guidance as we follow our Christian pathway.


It is God's word to us and contains instructions for life transformation and change.  Tells us about God as we come to know him.  It guides us on how to live our lives, love our families and function as a church.


Being generous to others with our time,  abilities and finances.  Serving one another with kindness no task is too big or too small.