Reverend Headley Gayle

Welcome to the New Testament Church of God, Reading website!  I am glad that you have taken the time to explore and learn more about our church.

Let us look to Christ Jesus for strengthened Faith, and deeper conviction which underscores our trust in God through Jesus Christ our Lord.

The year 2020 has been a year filled with all kinds of challenges; financial insecurity, family separation, poor mental health and learning new communication skills.  You may have lost a loved one, they may have died alone because of the restrictions. You may have experienced anxiety whilst in self-isolation, unable to reach out to loved ones.   

Are we expected to give thanks to God for all of these struggles?   Yes, because the pandemic could have gone on for several years but thanks be to God for the scientific development of a vaccine that will prevent the virus from entering into the body's cells and will destroy the infected cells, thus helping to protect us against Covid-19 in the future.  

We, the church, have accepted our role and rise to the challenges over the years, whether it's political, religious, environmental and now Coronavirus - COVID 19 pandemic that has swept across the world.

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Dear Friends

I'm giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ; Ephesians 5:20 ESV.

I acknowledge it is hard for everyone to "give thanks always for everything" that happens in their life.  It’s a concept some of us struggle with and resist, thinking God is telling us to be thankful for the difficulties. This makes us miss what He is really leading us to do, which is to be thankful despite the problems, to not let disappointments, failures, losses, and hurt keep us from being thankful to Him.


Through it all, we have done all we are able to do, caring and sharing has become the new normal for all of us, our communities has bonded together like nothing before.

We give our special thanks and appreciation to the NHS, Essential Key Workers, Carers, Doctors, Nurses, Healthcare Professionals.   Every facet of our society has acknowledged that this pandemic has brought us together as one nation.

Back in April 2020 NTCG Reading closed its doors for communal worship, with a new understanding that our ministry would have to serve as an online Church.  Zoom, a video calling app, has enabled us to meet up together online and engage with each other.  We've been able to meet for Prayer Meetings, Bible study, Sunday School, regular Sunday Service and even Church conferences.   In fact Zoom is our lifeline for continuing our outreach and community work.

We are thankful to all our members and supporters for their prayers, words of encouragement and financial contribution.  Thanks be to God for his unfailing love, we are stronger together, united in the body of Christ.

For 2021, be merciful, Love your neighbour as yourself, which is the greatest commandment you can follow.

God bless you all.

Bishop H Gayle